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I was diagnosed with Tinnitus on 18th July 2012. I got noised induced tinnitus on the 14th July 2012.

The ringing would be constant and seemingly improving day by day.

After 2 months I was sitting at the computer just messing around talking on ******** and had the flu and was taking Corenza C and Andolex C aswell as on gym supplements. I had a panic attack where my heart started racing and I got pins and needless throughout my body and felt dizzy.

Looking back it was a mistake to mix medicine with gym supplements. However with time we are almost in December I still have syptoms of being dizzy and more and more I am thinking that tinnitus is playing a role in my dizziness.

Is their a specific test to see this. I went for a hearing test on the 18th but during the 2 month period of having it I had no sign of dizziness.

If Tinnitus can cause dizziness and if it is the reason for my their medication or surgery to stop the dizziness... Its one thing living with tinnitus its another ball game being dizzy.

For the hearing test the audiologist said my hearing drops at 4decibells for both ears... Does this mean I have inner ear damage or does it just mean I have tinnitus? If it is inner ear damage what can I do to stop this dizziness?


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