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Dad's Lung Cancer

About 6 weeks ago my dad went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling well. He had a slight cough without blood (only when he lays down), loss of appitite, feeling tired. They took an xray and was told he had pneumonia. He was put on a week worth of medication. While on the meds, his legs became weak and he felt nauseated. The doctor said it was proabably the meds making him feel this way. About 2 weeks later, my dad was still not feeling well so he went back to the doctor who took another xray and was told the pneumonia was still there and sent my dad for a cat scan.

The cat scan showed a mass on his lung. They did a scope to get a closer look. The doctor said it looks like cancer and did a biopsy to make sure.

My dad is going to the doctor on Thursday to get the results of his biopsy and then probably a pet scan.

I'm freaking out. My dad is 77 years old. He quit smoking 18 years ago. He has a bit of asbestos in him (he had it for over 40 years). The doctor did say it was not mesothelioma. He also had bloodwork and that came back normal. I am so afraid for my dad. Our only hope is that it didn't spread and it stayed within the lung and maybe give us alittle hope to remove it.

I thought white cells would be elevated in a person with cancer?

My dad has no pain and only the symptoms I listed above. Could he be in the early stages?

Please help me. I don't know how to get throught this. I can't lose my dad, not now. And I certainly don't want him to be in pain. I need him.

Thank You,


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