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Re: 50 year old cousin just diagnosed....

Originally Posted by rudiraven View Post
So sorry to hear about your cousin. His staging is favorable, so hopefully surgery will be a success. In the meantime, they are doing the chemo and radiation in hopes of shrinking it to facilitate an easier surgery. The G-Tube is there for after the surgery and also in case there is radiation burn to his esophagus from the treatment. Some people are more susceptible to this and others aren't bothered at all. The chemo treatments can affect appetite but he should be encouraged to eat healthy as much as he can. Stay away from the sugars and sweets as they "feed" cancer. Take care
Thank you for the info - do you have a resource about the sugar and cancer? he is a chocoholic, and I would like to encourage him to avoid if it would help his treatment go better!!! Steve is a tough guy. Do you think he will be able to work during the chemo and radiation?