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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hey Noel!
I'm not an expert but I am sure you haven't damaged your ankle - I think you have just made it very angry and it's telling you so (mine does that).
Wow! 3hrs in 1 degree - that's what I call support for the team! (we are having some warm weather here now - going to be 35 tomorrow - too hot - lol).
Yeah, I knew nothing about ligaments, cartilage etc until all of this. I keep asking my physio lots of questions about healing times for ligaments, fibrocartilage - and he said 'months'. I think I need more patience. I managed 20mins on the bike at gym today - not fast. Now, after my physio worked on scar tissue last night, my ankle is firing off lots of nerve pain in different parts all day long.
Did you ice your ankle when you got home? I find I have to ice it after physio and when I get home from work etc.........hope it's not as bad today.
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