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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi footiefan
Everyone heals at different rates and every surgery is a little different and every surgeon has a different protocol - and our bodies react differently to each other. So you just have to compare how you feel and are doing today with how you were a week ago - at least that's what I'm doing because some days I feel like I've improved and others I feel like I've gone backwards - but my physio said that that is normal.
Not sure about the boot as I haven't had one - just 2 different casts and then lace up ankle brace and I was not allowed to weight bear at all in the cast - had to start weight bearing with crutches once I got the brace.
Remember, you are only 4 weeks post op - very, very early days yet.
Do you get to start any physio or PT soon or do you have to wait a bit longer for that?
The physio will help you start to get things moving slowly - mine keeps telling me with the exercises he has given me to stop at any point if I feel any sharp pain and I have had to do that a few times.
Oh! as for your incision stinging - that is going to happen at different times for quite some time - nerve pain - I have incisions on both sides of my ankle along with the arthroscopic work that was done - it's like my ankle is having it's own party sometimes - lol.
I am 7.5 weeks post op now and I still get the stinging - like little pins firing off - and more so since my physio decided last night to try and work on some of the scar tissue - it has really triggered the nerve pain today.
You are going to get pains, aches etc for a few months, by my understanding but certainly ask your surgeon if you are concerned.
Take care
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