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Re: not lasting very long...

The first and important thing is the control, because no matter which method you use, if without control, you're done in brief.

This is my way, just a suggestion, some may work, else probably may not suitable in your way.

Breath control.
Most of time, we hold our breath after exhaling. Try the opposite way. Inhale and hold. Then exhale and inhale and hold.
My reason: Preventing the oxygen, may procreates a 'panic'. Like you're in water without enough oxygen. Then you rush! So, how to do it slowly if you're body is in panic state.
That's why 90% I blow up faster when I'm really tired.

Penis control.
My favorite is squeezing PC muscle, especially when woman on top, since this position had killed me many times in the past sessions of sex ago. She complained that she were on the way to orgasm. But I blow up first.It was easier when man in control, I can stop awhile before point of no return.
Squeezing the muscle resembling exhaling and hold. Actually, they're done altogether at the same time.

Mind control.
I avoid thinking the pleasure. The trick is focus on her eyes. Do not look at her mouth, and not focusing on hearing her moan.
If she's nodding up/look else while having sensation, follow her by nodding up/look else, but don't look at your genital, or her hardening breasts. Except you want to ejaculate.

Verbal control / Empathy concerned.
I had practiced these verbal-sex while penetrating, in these 2 years. Hence, while we flirt on her, man's focus will be divided. "Ohh, I feel totally inside you". This reason is to add spices for her sensation to reach orgasm. Bcause most of men kept in silence while penetrating.

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