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Re: Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.

Hello, thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to my post, I think it's really sad, when we have to go through having to get second opinions etc. It's not good enough at all. My Father in Law, was wrongly diagnosed, with an over active thyroid gland, when he actually had cancer of the lymph glands, by the time he was correctly diagnosed, the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. My husband, was told he did not have a Deep Vein Thrombosis, by a so called Specialist, after he broke his leg, and refused to do a venogram, he saw another Doctor, who discovered a DVT so large, it actually took 9 months of taking warrfarrin to reduce the clot. When we complained, we were told Doctors are human, and make mistakes from time to time. But at what Cost? Unfortunately, the Consultant I saw, was so so rude to me, he made me feel like I was making everything I said to him up, and just dismissed everything I said, he even said I should go back to the Consultant who repaired my shoulder injury and ask him to do a proper job, when I received the copy of the letter he sent my GP, it just made me feel again, like I was making things up. I know I am not, I do know how I feel, but it is horrible when you get treated like that, I have lots of other things going on in my life, right now, and have days, where I do feel really down, and at the point I received his letter, it really made me feel like "what's the point". People on here, have given me the strength and encouragement, to realise, I need to pursue this, and I am really grateful to every person who has replied to my post, thank you so much, and I hope and pray you get sorted too, soon. xxx