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Re: Calf Cramps after Discectomy and Partial Laminectomy of L5?

[QUOTE=Jeschn3;5095041]Hi there,
Almost four weeks ago I had a discectomy and partial laminectomy of my L5 vertebrae. I had a herniated disc at that level, and had lived with the "flair ups" as I liked to call them for about 3.5 years. The pain became so bad in October, that they admitted me to the hospital from the ER and I had the surgery a few days later.

The relief from the back pain has been extraordinary, and such a relief! However in the days prior to the operation I lost feeling in my left leg, and motion in my big toe and ankle. Now the feeling is coming back but in addition, my calf is cramping terribly. I take like 5 steps and I feel the worst charlie horse of my life, like if I take another step my muscle will rip or something. Is this normal? Have any of you had similar experiences?

Thanks [/QUOTE]

Hello Jeschn,
I had L-5 S1 TLIF surgery 21 days ago and my calf muscles are in constant charlie horse mode. Its sciatica from swelling after surgery is what i was told. A normal phase of recovery. Ask your Dr but do not worry yourself too much. There are lots of phases to this type of recovery. walk as much as you can, it helps me.
Good luck in your healing.