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Re: Fish oil and blood pressure medication

Originally Posted by rico5000 View Post
Actually, studies show that the drug companies intentionally lower the BP standards so they have more customers for their nasty little drugs.
Blood pressure medications might be nasty little drugs, with nasty side effects, but they also do a lot of good.

Plus...... drug companies have little to do with BP standards, or cancer standards, or AIDS standard, or cold standards, or infections. It's doctors, hospitals, medical colleges and government institutions like the National Institutes of Health that determine the healthy and unhealthy levels of blood pressure and other health problems. If drug companies went against what was determined by health professionals, their medications would NEVER get approved by the FDA.

Drug companies have created many beneficial, medications, like blood pressure medications, that have not only improved the healthy and quality of life for many patients, but have also extended the lives of patients.

A large portion of people on BP medication really do not need it and may be getting more harm than good from the drugs.
I agree with you, but BP medications have also done a lot of good and have saved a lot of lives and have helped to prevent patient health from deteriorating.

Unhealthy levels of Blood Pressure, especially those that are constantly high, will slowly result in damage to organs and glands in the body; and can lead to stroke.

I take the Beta Blocker Coreg (Carvedilol). It is a nasty little medication. The morning dose tires me for several hours. The evening dose has other annoying side effects. However, it really helps to keep my blood pressure at very healthy levels all day, and night, long; and it has other marvelously delicious health benefits. In my case, the good outweighs the bad (nasty little side effects.)

By the way, I take 1200 mg Omega3 fish oil each day, and eat a microwaved tilapia fillet three times a week.

Best of health!
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