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Re: Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!

I understand on the feeling of not wanting to eat. The main thing is, go slow after the surgery, but after about a month it is considered 'safe' to introduce heavy foods to your diet and start testing what your body can and can't handle. You will have to experiment with yourself over what you can do, but a wise word of advise... DON'T go by what other people say on foods that they can or can't handle. I drove myself crazy reading other posts about people saying that they could not eat anything afterwards, and it made me think that I could not do it either. (Though I will say: avoid fried foods. I think that is universal for most of the people after the gallbladder has been taken out.)
I understand on the losing the weight. I have lost over 40 pounds since the surgery. I have not gone to a nutritionist, but my doctor was the one to tell me at what weight/BMI I need to keep. Everyone is different after the surgery and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones to not gain back all the weight, but it all depends on your eating and drinking in the future.