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Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?

Hi Angela or is it smokeless Angela?
Turkey day was my quit day so that will be easy to remember Oh my the 6th day and still smokeless. Is today any easier than yesterday? No, it's just as hard and I found that if I go for a small walk when I really REALLY want a cigarette that helps a lot. So I keep going one urge at a time and they are getting further apart. The morning 3 is 100% gone, about an hour after I am up if I forget to take the Chantix I feel like I need one so I rush into the Kitchen and get the Chantix. Always take it with at least a piece of bread or you get sick to your stomach.

Now, your patches should have arrived by now? You start them? Oh oh oh before I forget, go find (hard too)cherry jelly beans. Not so much for the hand to mouth, give you mouth something to do, but all of a sudden I love the taste of cherry. Since I don't want to gain 100 lbs from stopping I picked jelly beans over pie.

As I read and re-read your post, I find it sad you have to have so many challenges in your way. I still find it all unfair that our Government allows the cigarette makers to put such additive stuff into them and get us so hooked.
Please let me know how you are doing on your end and I will do the same.

I am very proud of you for pushing things along as you have, with all the obstacles a lot of people would of just said forget it and continued smoking. It's a must that you give yourself a reward of some kind for doing this. A dinner, a show, something fun.

Please take care, Smokeless Joe