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Re: PN and glands hurting

Originally Posted by Mazie22 View Post
Wow! I have been having problems with glands swelling all of the time too! I am getting an ultrasound on the latest one Monday under my jaw. I unfortunately have had melanoma as well, and always have to get them looked at, but maybe it is the SF/PN????
Pretty scary. Feel like I have cancer of some kind. I will be seeing my regular doctor in December and will ask if she can order an ultrasound or whatever they do to check it out. My worst pain is on left side under jaw but it has started hurting on the right side too. Even radiates up to my ears, deep inside.

I am hoping this chest/head cold is aggravating everything and I am just flaring.

I am sorry you have had melanoma. Where is your melanoma?

Wanted to add that I don't know what tests were performed to figure out what type of neuropathy you have.

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