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Re: Headaches, pressure, derealization, nausea, vomiting, muscle & joint pain, fatigu

So far i have had , Xray , MRI that showed a 2mm aneurysm and a 6.7 cystic lesion . They then ran a CTA to confirm the 2mm aneurysm and it wasn't there , thank the heavens . I am going in for a EMG wednesday next week . And then a Spinal Tap later if they find something with the EMG .

As for symptoms , I have Extreme nausea , headaches mild more like pressure in the skull on top and behind the head . That started first . Now im getting warm flush feelings in my chest , abdomen and left testicle . Also have Lost hearing twice for a few seconds . But i do have loss of arm strength started a week ago has gotten worse and has not got better . Now legs are starting to feel funny . I also have alot of trouble with the walking a strate line test .

Hopefully ill get some answers on Wednesday . MRI/MRA was all good accept for the lesion and aneurysm that was a glitch . Also had xray of neck . No problems there .