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Re: Fissures and Piles, Oh My!

Believe me I know the painful and distressed phase you are going through. I've been to that for years now. After years of torturing I found peace at last. I had anal fissure surgery for twice. I had constipation and haemorroids problem for several years. Before consulting a doctor I was searching for a possible natural outcome to my problem the whole day on the internet. I'd tried hundreds of recipes including diet changes, drinking tonnes of water, lubrication, medication to contract capillaries to reduce bleeding, you name it....I was unable to work, I had that "always full" feeling. I never felt completely empty in spite of the fact that I was also using natural remedies to soften the stool.
One day I gathered courage and went to the doctor. He said I needed surgery immediately. I was so tired and desperate that I said yes. After the surgery I was reborn. I recovered in only a few days and the recovery period was not as bad as the times before. I was perfectly healthy only for 8 months until I had the whole thing again. Everything was being repeated. I couldn't be more scared. It was as painful as I don't know what...
After giving a chance to my natural remedies for another couple of months, I ended up crying for the surgery again. The second time was a bit harder because the fissure was a bit deeper this time. I recovered again in a few days and was still not feeling relieved that I was out of the pain. I did not know how to maintain the healthy state.
I decided to stick to my rich fiber, a lot of water diet, reduced my unhealthy processed food intake and lost a bit of weight. To sum it up, I'm trying to live a healthy life. It's been a year now after the surgery and I'm feeling great. Nothing to be afraid of the surgery.