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Okay, now

I have gone through all kinds of tests; two ultrasounds, a CT Scan, and just this week a HIDA scan... I just got the results of my HIDA scan and they say my gallbladder is functioning normally with an EF of 81%.
So WHY am I having so much pain, indigestion, horrible bloating, gas, awful acid reflux, a feeling of general unwell?
My doctor agrees that all my symptoms FIT, they get WORSE at night, I am not sleeping well because of all of this and now I'm being told that nothing's wrong.
I have no idea where to go from here. The nurse says to make an appointment and follow up "because sometimes the tests don't tell the whole story."
Then why am I having all these tests? WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS?
I'm at work right now and I'm sitting here typing this, trying not to cry... I'm a single mother, I work full time and I'm just going to start school again. I can't be in this much pain all the time, I can't be going through all of this. I can't be in the ER every two weeks and going home with painkillers and instructions to follow up with my doctor.
I'm sorry to be so self pitying but I am at the very end of my rope. Please, someone, tell me what I do next?

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