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6 year old daughter maybe suffering Anxiety?

Hello everybody. My 6 year old daughter is a 1st grader and she is very healthy very smart and very active. She has always had self esteem issues and jealousy issues over her older brother and sister. I must say she is the spoiled one and has no reason to be jealous. She always needs her hair to be perfect or her clothes to the ones she wants to wear to school otherwise she will throw a tantrum till it is corrected. About 6 months ago she started giving me and my wife a hard time about waking up and going to school. At first it would just take some firm tones to get her up and on her way. Then as time has went on it turned into an everyday thing and being firm did not do the trick. SO then we started bribing or threatning to call her grandma to come take her to school and this worked for a while. Now she says her stomach hurts everymorning and that she feels sick. She even gets sent to the nurses office almost 2wice a week.. We took her to the doc to get a full check up. Everything checked out ok exam wise. But this past month she says she feels nervous in her stomach and gets very scared. We literally have to take her temperature every morning to show her she has no fever. Went to disneyland 2 weeks ago and she had these episodes after we left the park and on the way up to disneyland. She complained her tummy felt nervous and she was scared please hold her. I feel so helpless. Yesterday she came home early cause she felt nervous after lunch/recess and she says she was scared she might throw up. So i left work and picked her up. Soon as we got home she was fine and was fine the rest of the day till the night time when she started worrying about school again and having to go.Then she wanted to stay with me or mom but we both are working so we cant stay with her everyday. I left her with my sister in law today and sure enough i got a call from her that my duaghter felt nervous and had a loose bowel movement right after she got this feeling of anxiety or whatever it may be. I scheduled her a doc appointment to get some blood work done/ doctor said to not give her milk just in case it is a digestive problem. Can anyone relate to what my duaghter maybe going thru. She is only 6 and it is really starting to worry me.

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