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Re: ashamed! to say i have pcos to friends :'(

I'm a little ashamed too,but not because of not having children.I have a 14 year old. So,clearly at one point my ovaries were working and then decided to stop.
I'm ashamed because people are so judgmental against women with any sort of a weight issue.As if they are just lazy and sit around eating cheeseburgers all day.I have been active my whole life,but because of this PCOS,I gained weight and while practically starving I cannot budge it.Bringing this up to my Endo,he was very unsympathetic, and just said it is one of the problems of having PCOS and not much I can do about it!

I have a very skinny boyfriend who eats tons of food and never gains a pound.And then I barely eat twice a day and very little when I do and can't lose!

I also had horrible acne,a hairy chin,a deeper voice then most women,and hair thinning issues.Tell me that is not enough to make you cry!!!

I got rid of the acne and hairiness with Spironolactone,but even on Metformin,my weight is just NOT BUDGING AT ALL.Last year I did get pregnant,but quickly had a miscarriage.

But about your friends,you are telling them too much! They can butt out and don't need to know everything going on with your health.Don't feel ashamed about not having a baby will happen.Hang in there and don't give up!