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Re: 7 weeks post TURP - bladder control problems

Its now the end of November and its 19-20 weeks since my TURP.I am so pleased with the result, it has not been plain sailing and I have had some issues along the way. Right now, I get up once a night and empty out quickly and end up back into bed in less than a minute.During the day the sudden urge to urinate has gone almost completely although a running tap will still get me going!!.I guess that the muscles that control the bladder have regained their strength.
I have recently had two longish flights of over 4 hours and did not need to urinate at all.
I can now go out with friends and have a few beers without constantly going to the toilet and only getting rid of 70-80 mls a time.
When I pee now its a good solid stream and 400 plus mlls each time. Sexual function is normal. ( not as good as when I was 18 but satisfacrory for 66!!)