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Re: afraid of scizofrenia!pls help!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by danai View Post
hello to everyone and pls excuse me for my bad english!i ll try to explain as better as i can in order to give me some advise on my problem!its about 7 months that i started having bad thougts that i couldnt control them easily and made me very be more specific once i read something bad about someone who killed her family i thought that i could do the same and i was going to lose my mind.that thought stucked in my head for about 5 months and i was wondering if i wasabout to harm somebody..after then i decided to visit o psychologist who told me about ocd and about thoughts that a person will never do them!the thing is that even if he assured me that i couldnot do anything i started looking on the internet about very serous mental illnesses and more about schizofrenia!the things got worse after that and i started checking if i had illusions especially if i heard voices..this became my nigtmare..the thing than really upsets me is that i started making sounds in my head like scremings lauhgs etc..the truth is that these sounds are not voices they are just sounds and i can stop them whenever i can..the thing is that something inside pushes me to check all the time if i hear those sounds ..and this reminds me of ocd really..except from that i have no other problem with my behavior i try to go out and really helps..can sounds be an ocd symptom?tsese sounds are not voices they do not tell me what to do and all tese staff but im afraid..pls i would like some people who really know to answer!thank youvery much!
This is going to go away. I had the exact same thing. Started thinking about it too much then every thought started to be about it and worrying constantly. Always googling. The sounds you are making in your head you are creating. It's all apart of OCD. My brother has Schiz. You aren't hearing anything abnormal. You are checking so much because you have OCD. That is the only reason. Someone who is legitimately diagnosed with Schizophrenia doesn't constantly have worries they have it every moment and they most certainly don't worry they are going to develop it. My suggestion for you is to seek help like I did. It changed my life for the better. You'll be okay.