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Re: Second hip replacement

I also have had 2 hip replacements....the first one was almost 8 years ago and the 2nd was about 2 years ago. Stopped taking the antibiotics before dental work after 2 years and was pretty happy about that, but now it seems they have changed the rules and you must take them forever. Hopefully the rule will change back, but my dentist said he feels this is the smart thing, since you never know about infection. I basically feel pretty good....I do yoga with modifications, although my daughter the physcial therapist said at this point so long after surgery it's not necessary, but I am paranoid and would rather be safe than sorry.

This board is great. I was on here constantly before and after my first surgery and found it to be expremely helpful and everyone on here was so supportive. Definitely got me through some rough times...Haven't been here in awhile but getting back to to read other people's experiences and also feel that someone might benefit from mine.

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