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Re: Simple Questions? Or not.

Originally Posted by rosequartz View Post
you're splitting hairs over "words"......and she is using correct terminology when she refers to "my marriage", she was in fact married......legally.
whether YOU want to acknowledge it as a marriage or not, it was one.....albiet not a great one.
how does she treat YOU.....that's what's important
Thanks for your speedy response! Wow, I was just checking to see if I had any typos in my post and I've already got a comment.

I see what you're saying about focusing on the present, but I'm not so sure that I'm "splitting hairs over words." Marriage happens with words, whether it's "I do" or the print on a legal marriage license. If you're talking about marriage, at all, you're talking about words. That said, I don't talk to her about "my relationship" when I'm talking about any of my past relationships, because those are all over. How do you think she would feel if I talked to her about "my girlfriend" and I was talking about someone else? I'd expect her to be hurt by those words. Wouldn't you?