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Ditch the scooter, ditch the crutches, ditch the boot--Start walking. Wha?

Yikes! I just saw my doc for my 6 week post op visit. He said I don't have to wear the boot any more, don't have to use the scooter or crutches. Just go ahead and start walking. Yup. Just that easy. Ahem, really??

I'm thrilled to get the go ahead, but it doesn't just "happen", does it? Did you guys go from one stage to another really quickly? I feel like it should be more gradual. He said I could continue to use the aids if I needed, but there is physically nothing in my way to keep me from walking.

He took my foot and bent it back and forth pretty forcefully, too. He said it was really tight and I needed to loosen it up. Well, duh! It seemed like he was going break my foot off! He said I couldn't just sit there and gently move it up and down on my own, that I would need someone who wasn't afraid to cause me pain to literally push it back and forth. I said my husband would fit that description (lol, he was sitting in the room with me). He said I could do PT if I wanted to. I said yes.

So my head is kind of spinning right now. I thought I was doing pretty good going back to work at day 18 post op. Now I feel like I'm behind. I guess I better just give it a go. gulp.

Surg repair of Peroneal Tendon Subluxation w/Fibular Groove deepening, Ligament reconstruction, debridement of osteophytes (spurs); orig injury 1976 car accident, broken ankle & femur

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