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Re: Ditch the scooter, ditch the crutches, ditch the boot--Start walking. Wha?

Hey LabGimp,

That's basically what my doctor told me to do!!! I was fine and I was walking 6 1/2 weeks post op! I'm pretty much back to normal right now and didn't need PT either. Of course my surgery is a bit different from yours, but yeah, my doctor told me the same thing as well. He even forced my foot up and down quite rigorously too.

I had my surgery September 7th and am currently in a regular shoe and returning to work this upcoming Monday.

Just gradually take steps each day. YOU CAN DO IT!!! The only one holding you back is you. Start off on your feet for a half hour each day, build up to two, and then four and then you're walking all day long! Don't be scared. I was timid at first but was eager to return to living again.



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