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Re: Okay, now

As of right now, I'm seeing a GI doctor that also practices general medicine. I got the HIDA scan results from a nurse at the office, and then I called back and made an appointment to actually SEE the doctor and go over the results.
Forgive me if I sound silly, I feel like I should know the answer to this, but what specialist do I see for gallbladder? Would that be GI or is that a different specialty? I'm considering getting a second opinion anyway, because previous CT scans show mesenteric adenitis, which an ER doctor told me would go away on it's own, but that diagnosis was in february and a CT I had a month ago STILL shows adenitis. Nobody seems concerned with how long that's been hanging around, and I wonder if the gallbladder symptoms I am experiencing are causing the nodes to remain inflamed.
I know I need to talk to a doctor, I'm just thinking out loud. Thank you for your reply :-)

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