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Re: the urge is almost unbearable

I saw the surgeon yesterday and I am having my gallbladder out tomorrow. I started running a fever on Monday and having nausea so my PCP doc was concerned and wanted it out sooner rather than later because I am supposed to travel for work next week and the week after and he didn't want me on the road and to have something happen to me while I was gone. It is supposed to be a very simple easy procedure and I will be back at work on Monday.

The only thing I am nervous about and I know that this is crazy because this isn't my first procedure at this surgery center I had a hysterctomy there last december and a colonoscopy last spring but and maybe it is the new meds and that fact that my depression seems to be receding at least more on this med than on my previous meds but for the first time ever I am worried/nervous about what the medical personnel will say/think when they see my scars. I work in a very public position but because I work in an office I am always able to cover them in public and since I rarely socialize in warm weather they are not something that are seen by people generally. I know it is crazy but I see these people at school functions, church, on the street, and in work interactions regularly. It is almost bad enough that I would live with the pain rather than wonder what they say when I am unconcious and can't hear them which I know is crazy.