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Re: Unstable Angina?

I'm excited... I FINALLY have my Dr appt tomorrow!!!! This all started 10/5/2012 and tomorrow will be 11/30/12. Flippin ridiculous! But just the same, I can finally get a physical, after that, I will tell her, "sure, sign me up for the anxiety pills" just so that we both can see whether it has an effect or not.

I don't smoke, do drugs of any kind (well apart from what I was given after bunionectomy or my car accident in 2005-emm hydrococodone and another was.. percocet? Not sure on the spelling)never have. And never will. Drink? I rarely drink. I might drink a 12 pack of beer in a year. If I have a daquiri or other social drink, it's typically pretty rare. I've found I cannot have vodka.. so my 1 time a month x2 drinks of Smirnoff went bye-bye. I've tried Mike's Hard Lemonaide-but that only results in my stomach burning as well as pin-pricks in my face. So not enjoyable so, I don't drink it. That leaves my last choice... Bacardi Raz. Again, maybe 1 time a month @2 drinks. I see no reason to get drunk... yet I think I have to give it up as I started getting chest palpitations over the course of this month on 2 nights I had 1 only. The 2nd night was to see if the chest palpitations was actually due to the drink.. and it did the same thing.

So the month of Dec 2012 onward, I will no longer be enjoying even a drink with the girls. I'm fine with this. But just like what doctors do with meds to find the right ones that work with their patient and they omit the ones that didn't work or had less pleasing results. So too am I doing this.

My chest pains I've noticed have gone down in frequency, but I can still count 1 time a night where it will flare... it's not a long flare, only lasting about 1 min. But for someone classified as the biggest whimp in the family, it's a very LONG minute!

I have however noticed that my long-time-standing low blood pressure-typical-drop when I get up from sitting... well it's become more intense. I have a desk job. It's a very good and relaxing job. If you could be in my shoes and know instantly how to do my job, you'd never want to leave (unless you like staying at home that is). My boss is the best, my immediate coworkers are wonderful and the rest of the work environment is great too. I am not joking around when I say that the typical stress many have... is something I don't have.

Now, if 'stress/anxiety' can be determined with/by how your body is functioning itself, such as getting enough vitamins and nutrients and water to function properly... then I can probably see that. I don't exercise regularly-as I've said, if rarely.. I'm not eating the "pyramid" recommended daily allowances or taking vitamins daily either. So if it's in this sense, anxiety, I can accept it. But not where someone tells me it's stress.

Do you stress cause you didn't read that book on your shelf? Or that you didn't feed the fish at 4pm cause your daughter was out for the night? Or perhaps that you didn't get your laundry done, yet again and you finally have maybe 2 worthy loads (not counting whites-that's a small load itself)? Perhaps you stress cause you didn't call your friend/mom/bf/gf/spouse? Not me.. not any of it. So stress/anxiety? No. It's a crap diagnosis for a Dr who doesn't really want to invest time to figure what is going on with their patient.

I'm not wired like you are (you being anyone reading this). I'm wired like me. Sensitive to pain. What causes me pain you wouldn't blink at. So I'm hyper-sensitive. This just means that when something goes off that never did before and has since been a daily thing... something is wrong. So because I don't drink, didn't do drugs, my grandma & grandpa on my dad's side had heart issues, my mother has diastolic heart failure as well as COPD and edema (which I think is related to the diastolic part), my stats look great for a 43 year old... I'm not a candidate for heart issue therefore it's stress. K.

Why then if you g o o g l e "chest pain with left arm pain to elbow and pain radiating up neck into jaw line... do you get 152,000 results-the majority all state 'classic angina symptoms'?

I can rant, sorry. I just get upset when I take time out of my day from work, to get to the Dr office 15min prior to my appt to only wait 30min after my appt to be seen in the room for stats, to wait yet another 10-20 min for the Dr to come in.. ask me about 5min worth of questions, interrupting me along the way, to tell me... "anxiety, you don't have any signs for angina" then leave. 5 MIN! I get a bill for 160$ of which my insurance pays 50%. It irritates me. But I was perfectly fine until 10/5.

Maybe my rant is the reason why many people aren't commenting. I just want validation. Want to hear other stories about being told the same thing, only to end up in the hospital because the Dr was very wrong.

God bless all who read this. I really hope your Dr is doing more.

I'm happy to hear that you've made some changes with your smoking and taking the blood pressure meds.