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Re: Problem with Port

Thank you so much for the prayers! I have been asking God to help resolve this issue for me, and last night I was lying on the sofa and realized, that it was the first night where the pain meds seemed to be bringing the pain down to a level that I was not even noticing it at last! That is a big improvement, I slept well last night and could even sleep on my side a bit without it bothering me, I was fairly painful this morning but once I was up and about I have been doing much better. I think this may have finally turned the corner and may be starting at last to heal on its own, so I am holding off on doing anything else for now. Yeah!! I am here hooked up and getting my first round of chemo so just praying that all goes well and I don't have too severe side effects to deal with. But if I do, I will just deal with them as they come!