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Re: Middle and Lower Back Pain, Abdominal Pains

Originally Posted by kacyc View Post
Hi Krozak, the symtoms you describe can all be caused by Omeprazole.

It took me a year to work out that was the cause in my case, having gone round in circles with tests etc. The drug can cause bone pains, especially of the ribs. I realised the cause when I was doubled the dose of Omeprazole to 40mg and all those symtpms suddenly increased. Then I halved the dose again and the symtoms subsided again. Now I am tapering off Omeprazole and the bone pains are reducing as I take less and less Omeprazole. It also caused a host of other symptoms including a general feeling of unwellness. Of course, there can be other reasons for back pain. How long have you been on the med?

I've been on Omeprazole for almost 8 months now. I did forget to mention that during the first week of all these things happening, I tried to quit omeprazole cold turkey for about 5 days (mostly because the first three days, I forgot to take it). My stomach burned and a horrible unwell feeling was present. It didn't help that I was finishing off a heavy antibiotic. I immediately jumped back on Omeprazole and the burning went away. Now these aches and pains have been going on. I never experienced these in the first 7 months of taking Omeprazole. I don't think the antibiotics and cold turkey omeprazole quitting benefited my body.