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Question VVS: What now?

I was diagnosed with vaso vagal syncope. I think I have a handle on what to do beyond prescription medications. But there are a few points that I am getting conflicting information.
1. Caffeine: One person says 2 strong black coffees is the thing to do. Another says eliminate all caffeine completely because of the dehydrating influence of caffeine. Another says spread the doses of caffeine throughout the day. As you can see there is alot of conflicting information on caffeine. Can anyone wade me through the confusion on caffeine vis a vis VVS.
2. Excercise: On the one hand some say that being fit is a good thing with VVS. Others say it is bad to get overheated and sweaty with VVS which I understand because of the need to be hydrated. Others say that too much sleeping is bad because you can't stay hydrated if you are asleep. It seems a middle course might be ideal with VVS but would appreciate someone clarifying the excercise issue.
3. Food: Some say that seven very small meals a day is ideal so not alot of blood rushes to the midsection. Others say that nutrition is essential to keep from VVS fainting. What is the best course.
4. Drinks: Some reccommend Gatorade. Others say 64 oz water a day. Others say a "bolus" of cold water a few times a day. A bolus is 16oz water taken fast to increase the volume of blood. So what is the ideal.

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