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I have an appointment with my GI's nurse practitioner on Monday. She has been a lot more understanding and sympathetic than my doctor has been, though he seems to be doing as I ask. I'm planning to go in there with this in mind and see what they say about the EF percentage. I don't know what I'm going to do in the event that they tell me that they're not going to refer me to a surgeon or they simply don't agree. I know I should find a new doctor in that event, but... I'm so tired of all of this that I almost think I should just shut up and deal with it. The only real symptoms that I have all the time are an ache under the right ribs, a spasming and swelling feeling, and gas and bloating that is so painful I can't even sleep sometimes. I also last week became so constipated that I had the worst sciatica of my life, even worse than when i was pregnant, and the constipation seems to be a new normal for me, too. If I don't have diarrhea, I'm constipated and on the very few occasions I do have a normal BM, the color is weird (like orangey kind of) and mucousy/ oily. I have sporadic episodes of nausea, and lots of pain in the back and shoulderblades regardless of acute pain or just the "normal" ache.
My instinct is telling me that this finding of 81-82% is the culprit, but part of me is so tired of being told that everything is normal that I wonder if all of this is the new normal? If it is, I'm not going to be able to handle that. I'm tired of going to the doctor and crying because I'm so frustrated, and having them treat me like I'm overreacting or "conjuring these things in my head." Even my mother said "When you have pain, just stop thinking about it until it goes away because you can make things happen simply by thinking of them." and I am just done, done, done with being treated like I'm a hysterical woman patient or a drug seeker.

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