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Re: 1 week post peroneal transfer update...

Originally Posted by pznatti View Post
Hello! Thought it was time for an update.

I'm 10 days out from my surgery and doing well. I'm still in a splint and NWB but am in a new one. I went in Tuesday because the first splint was bothering me... I had a couple of times where my foot got really cold and had some bumpy spots that were driving me batty.

They took it off and found the inside damp... Not sweat damp but more. Probably had been that way since they put it on! There was also a ridge in the hard casting material at the bottom of my foot...

The new splint feels much better and I got a chance to see my scar. It's on the same spot as last time... I can't tell if its longer, but I think so. It looks Frankenstein-ish but good... The skin around it is swollen and red, but my nurse practitioner came in and said it looks good for this stage.

I took a pic to show off. Ha!

I also asked if I can get a new boot next week when it comes off... The old one is worn out and they agreed. Nice!

My nurse practitioner gave me a few tidbits about my surgery, but not much. She said they 'augmented' my peroneal brevis by combining it with the longus and rerouting the single tendon below my ankle bone. The two tendons used to bifurcate the bone.... But no longer. She says I should still have full control of my foot and should be able to run some day... I'm going to take it nice and slow...

Also found out that with tendon surgery, they want me PWB earlier because it prevents too much scar tissue from forming... Apparently ligaments need to be immobilized while healing but if tendons are immobilized too long, scar tissue build up is an issue. So with my last surgery, I had the ligament issue and that is the difference. I knew about the PWB, just not the why.

The pain med situation has been bothersome. I had spread out my meds to 2 5/325 Percocet every 6 hours and that was going well but I had a weird experience. On Wednesday night my breathing slowed down so much - I was so relaxed - that it felt like I was forgetting to breathe! That scared me so much that I stayed up until 2:30 AM to make sure I was okay... I got dizzy and fell (on my knee luckily) and the lights seemed to flicker... I stayed off of them all day yesterday and called my doc. The nurse said weird things can happen with Percocet... To try to take them on a full stomach.

I tried to just skip them last night but the pain was too much... I wasn't sleeping and kept accidentally moving my ankle in the splint as I fell asleep and then jolting back awake. So I took 1 and was able to sleep with no issues... That was around 9 last night... Made it until 4 when I woke hurting so I took another.

Right now I'm not hurting much and am elevating and icing with no new meds on board. I think it's bearable during the day... I think I'm close to being off of the meds.

I go back to work on Monday. It's a soft start as I won't be teaching. I am using my teacher work day and have a bunch of projects to work on. I got all of the materials early. Tuesday is a team day - all the k teachers (3 of us) will work on planning some units together... Weds I'm on and teaching along with getting my stitches out and splint off after school.

I'm looking forward to going back. I visited yesterday and attended a meeting after school. My kids are awesome and one was crying and saying she didn't want me to leave.

Well... Enough babbling! There's my update!
Hi Pznatt, what caused your foot problems and why the need for a second surgery?
Triple Arthrodesis and Achilles lengthening 9/28/12