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Re: How long do they live?

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I am new here. I have a 40 year old cousin with Myotonic Dystropy. He is really overweight due to not being able to excercise and recently fell down a flight of steps. He is in the hospital now with a cast on. He had surgery before he was diagnosed several years ago, and they say that the anesthesia speeded up the downward spiral. His arm muscles are gone and he uses a cane to get around normally. He uses a breathing apparatus to breath at night at this point. I was wondering if there is anyway to estimate how long he has to live? An uncle of mine said that he thinks he will be gone in about five years. He went on disability in his early thirties. I am just wondering if there is a way to tell how long people have left when they have this disorder?? Thank you!!!
Your Title is alittle much . (They) ? I think you mean how long can someone live with this tragic illness . I myself don't know as i don't have it . Check around sites like Mayo clinic if you can't find a answer . Or maybe a Doctor can help ya out . But please don't use they for a opener. Sounds like your talking to someone different than yourself . Not good man . And i am so sorry for your cousin and praying.

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