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Mysterious Gum Infection - Please Help


In early November I developed a tooth ache. It was different from any other tooth ache because my tooth didn't hurt! It felt more in my jaw.

I called my dentist. She was going on a short vacation so I scheduled an office visit for 6 days later. The pain was getting sever and keeping me awake at night. She prescribed Amoxicillin and Vicodin.

By the time I went to my appointment, the pain was gone. My tooth looked fine. No sign of a cavity.

Three days later the tooth ache was back. All through Thanksgiving I was miserable. My bite changed (my rear molar where the pain was felt raised). Pain was very severe. I went back on antibiotics and a day or two later I felt an abscess on the side of my gums.

I called my dentist and went in the next day. I was diagnosed with a severe periodontal abscess. My dentist drained it, cleaned my tooth, and sent me to a periodontist for an inspection. (I think my dentist thought I had cancer or something crazy). The periodontist took more x-rays and examined me. He said he thought I'd be fine after the antibiotics.

I finished the antibiotics today. I am wondering if it's natural for there to still be some discomfort in that area. Not pain really, so much as tenderness.

I am also mystified about what caused the infection. It could be a cavity that has gone undetected, but my dentist said my tooth was fine.

I had a throat infection back in August (about three months ago) - the first throat infection I've ever had. I'm wondering if the throat infection and the abscess could be related since they're both bacterial.

Any thoughts as to what the cause could be?

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