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Re: Shocked or Damaged Parathyroids after TT

Sorry, for what you are going through, but is my life right now as well. I had a TT on Sept. 4th of this year. I was in the hospital for 8 days post op due to calcium issues. I received IV calcium twice a day on several days and once a day on six days. Last month was tough and they were working to get it up. Three of my parathyroids were untouched, one had to be reimplanted. They are still not back to normal and daily I am taking 8 calcitriols, 8 oscal, extra vit. d, K, and Potassium. I also went through a big bottle of tums last month and 2 bottles of cacium chewable gummies. I pray this is not life long as well for either of us. They were doing lab work for the first two months twice weekly but am down to once weekly now. My calcium levels are still in the mid 8's (not normal yet). Make sure they are watching the levels because too high is as bad as too low. They want to keep them a little low so the parathyroids will still try to work. I had your same symptoms about the same day post op and it ended up being my experience to the levothyroxine. They dropped the dosage, then uped it slowly and that fixed it. Good luck!