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LPR / GERD and what my doc said baffles me.

Hi, I'm new to these boards, and also a hypochondriac! I'm sure we'll get along just fine!

Anyway, I'm 23, and for as long as I can remember, even as a kid, I've had something resembling acid reflux, except I'm pretty sure there's no acid. It's just some food comes up, maybe mixed with watery stuff that's not acidic or sour at all, just the taste of food. It happens a lot and I've just pretty much accepted it as a fact of my life and also because I didn't like surgery :P

I saw a GI doc the other day after going for something different, and I mentioned this to him. After a few questions he told me that it was weird, but if I've had it my whole life and it hasn't hurt me it's probably just a 'quirk' I can safely let be. Still he wants to test me with an endoscopy at a later date for something called Barrett's esophagus, which can lead to cancer. He says if I don't have it now, I'm in the clear.

Aside from the possibility of having cancer at 23, I'm sort of concerned because I also sing, and I don't want whatever I have to eventually destroy my voice as I know GERD does.

Thing is, I really don't think it's the same as GERD or acid reflux, because again, I notice no acid. And I found out there's a new thing called LPR or non-acid reflux which sounds much more like me. It happens many times a day and I hide it and I never feel any pain or burning.

EXCEPT rare occasions where I had this garlic sauce stuff. That hurt so bad and water didn't help, only time. Never eating that stuff again.

Soo what do you think? Any others like me? Is my doc correct to say just let it be? Am I going to die? Am I going to be able to sing/talk?


Also, I don't smoke or drink (often), not taking any drugs, I stray from spicy foods, dont have asthma, I'm skinny, I try to run a lot. And my diet currently basically consists of oatmeal, cheerios, V8/apple cider, peanut butter sandwich, celery, angel hair, chicken, assorted vegetables, and water, some milk, sometimes nilla wafers as a small snack. Pretty much the same day in day out. I've cut soda/caffeine out since last year (but I honestly haven't noticed a single change in anything)


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