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Someone help me stop worring

In June of this year I have unprotected oral sex (no penetration at all) and there was a small time were i rubbed my penis to her vag, with a girl of a unknown status. Last week I did the OraQuick test, but I found out i did it wrong. I only swabbed my upper and lower outter gums only on the one side of my mouth. I did the test, the control line came up pretty bright, but there was absolutely no line near or in the T.

I had no fevers that i could recall, and i have checked my temps like 10 times maybe in the past 6 months. the highest was 99.6 and that lasted for like 2 or so hours. Right now i have a sore throat and my right side twoard the back of the near lymph node is a little swollen. I never had rash, or difficult breathing. no night sweats. I have lost weight, but thats probably due to me being depressed and anxiety kicking in the past 6 months. I had intestine pains and upset stomach on and off since July.

Am I 100% neg for HIV?

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