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Re: RLS and Bad Back

Just off hand, I read at least one study where infrared was used to treat RLS. I do remember reading some info saying that RLS is associated with leg veins deteriorating/not working very well. That would explain why compression hose would help. Makes sense.

Anyway, my point is that infrared light, especially from infrared laser diodes (which you can purchase for at-home use) is known to make tissue repair itself faster. It could be that the effects in the study above were due to infrared light making the leg veins repair themselves faster, leading to relief.

The infrared light used for tissue repair is classified as "near-infrared". In the study above, they say the light was "monochromatic", so that implies it was laser light. Like I said, you can buy low level laser devices for home use. They are usually marketed for pain relief and tissue repair. However, it's worth noting that a simple infrared heat lamp could do the job- $12 at the hardware store. It is not as strong, but I use it for other applications (speed wound healing, relieve pain, keep my rosacea at bay and get rid of wrinkles) and it works for me.

Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.

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