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CFS-Why do I feel super when I have the flu?

I feel 10 times better each time I have the flu!!! I have CFS & Fm. Can anyone explain this???

I have been wondering why I have been feeling so much better and energetic this whole week, now I know because three days ago I was diagnosed with having the flu. I’m on a HUGEEEEE high right now of feeling much better and getting 20 times more done with much more focus.

This makes me think our symptoms of CFS have to do with the immune system, because when we have the flu it put the anti-bodies system on high alert to fight the flu virus, which seem to help us a lot.

So I wonder if CFS really is an auto-immune problem rather than just an inflammation problem. Maybe we have lupus instead (which is definitely an auto-immune disease). My sister was diagnosed with having Lupus.

My Rheumatologist diagnosed me with having FM and CFRC, but he seems to thinks I might could have Lupus. I usually have abnormally high ANA anti-bodies levels, which mean my immune system is usually on overdrive, which is not good.

I told a friend yesterday that I love catching the flu. He just laughed and thought I just kidding, but I wasn’t kidding at all. Why are we so “reversed” messed up?


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