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Smile Re: Costocondritis update

I would be very interested in an answer to your question as well. Along with the pain from the costo, I too had some abnormalities, but after a barrage of testing was told that my heart was healthy (other than some random bouts of skipped beats and tachycardia, which is apparently very normal).

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with the chest pain, and the back pain that goes with it. On top of the costo it seems I have some rib issues (maybe not dislocated, but certainly not aligned, possibly subluxated).

As far as treatment, I am seeing a chiropractor and a physical therapist. They are trying to work in tandem to get the ribs into place while loosening the fascia and yet building muscle to support the adjustments so the ribs stay in place once their adjusted. I have noticed some significant improvement when everything is done correctly (although I admit the tenderness from the adjustments and fascia loosening isn't always pleasant, but at least it's not chest pain!), and both the doctors I'm working with are optimistic that, given time, all will be well.

It's also been recommended to take decent doses of NSAIDS, but I've noticed those seem to have a negative effect on the "abnormalities", though I seem to be in a very small minority to have that problem. Check with your doctor and see if they recommend anything to that effect. Possibly an accompanying muscle relaxant while the adjustments are taking place? Let me know how you are doing! I am eager to see how others are able to deal with this. Good luck to you! You'll be in my prayers.

(I should say that I am NOT a doctor, and in no way qualified to give medical advice. All information contained in these posts are personal experiences only.)

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