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Re: Temporal Lobe Nocturnal Seizures?

It could be temporal lobe epilepsy. You might be having small seizures more often than you realize and then having the big ones at night. In temporal lobe epilepsy, the seizures don't always involve a total loss of consciousness or convulsions. Instead, to someone else, it looks like you just spaced out. Because you are not unconscious, though, someone could be waving their hands in front of your face and it would get you to snap out of it.

If it is temporal lobe epilepsy, you should definitely get on anti-seizure medication. The reason is that the seizures aren't just damaging when they happen. They change your mood and cognitive abilities for 24+ hours after. Over time, if uncontrolled, the seizures can cause you to have psychosis that resembles schizophrenia. The fact is, without anti-seizure meds, you will most definitely not have your wits about you. And you probably won't know it, either :/

You should try talking to those close to you to see if anyone has noticed you behaving strangely, having an explosive temper, etc. I have relatives with this condition, and they will black out and not remember screaming at someone. You need to know this, but most people won't tell you when you are acting weird.

Some of the meds available, like Tegretol, are very effective and can give you your normal life back. Don't be afraid to try them. Just try them and if they don't work, drop 'em. Try another one. Then at least you can say you gave them a shot.