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Re: Hell pain shingles (helvetesild)

Omg, paracetamol is not enough for shingles! No wonder you are in agony.

Can you see another doctor, in case they have a second opinion? If you can, you should ask for valacyclovir. It stops the pain very quickly and helps it heal up faster. Acyclovir is not nearly as good, but if it is all they will give you, take it.

I have heard that capsaicin can relieve the pain. Capsaicin ointments are sold over the counter in the US. You could purchase it online and have it shipped to you- even better if you find a country closer to you selling it (I'd check the UK). It sounds counter-intuitive, but capsaicin is part of cayenne pepper. It temporarily numbs nerves so they cannot transmit pain signals.

You can also dull the pain by swallowing cayenne pepper capsules or eating hella-spicy food with lots of cayenne. And if you don't normally eat spicy food, go packs serious heat. Personally, I can't eat it in food, so I take a capsule of it. You can usually buy cayenne or capsaicin capsules at vitamin shops. If not, you will definitely find the powder form at an Indian or Asian grocery store.

I looked online and found a study saying gallate derivatives are anti-viral. You can get this by drinking green tea. Coffee also helps you fight off viruses.

Ah, and then there's this:

It might be hard in Norway right about now, but if at all possible, you should expose the sore to UV and Infrared light. Sunlight will do it. But if you can't get enough sunlight to help, go to the hardware store and ask for help finding a near-infrared heat lamp bulb and/or some sort of bulb that produces UV light (I think a black light would). Don't keep exposing yourself to the UV light after you heal, though. infrared is okay. Infrared will also dull pain and promote much faster healing.