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Re: ashamed! to say i have pcos to friends :'(

thanks whenitrains i have weight problems but not hair growth and my skin is almost perfect god knows why i think i was blessed with a really good completion bit of mascara an that bout it. im not ashamed because i haven't got a child its because all my friends fell pregnant " by accident" being stupid when they where younger basically and are trying again even tho there constantly asking to borrow money from me and my OH does that sound right to you??. and im in a good position to have children and cant... there all on the dole but im stook with a messed up body that wont work right! im getting over it to be honest tho. my friends know some things but not everything iv just started telling everyone im on the pill and we still us condoms. its much easier to explain why we don't have children if your on the pill i hope everything gets better and things clear up for you good luck!