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Re: Temporal Lobe Nocturnal Seizures?

Thanks, Anna. No tegretol for me, as I am a musician and have perfect pitch. We will try something else if the doctor insists I should have meds. I don't think I am having mini seizures during the day--I never space out (people would know, I teach and lecture daily) and I have a very even temperament. We are a close-knit family, and I DO have a daughter with bipolar, so I know about what happens when people "lose it." My youngest daughter and I are considered the "sunny" ones, and are hardly ever depressed or angry. but I will certainly not rule out meds: I am just nervous about them. Last night I was on a 24 hour monitor, so I suppose they will have more information for me next week.

Thanks so much for contacting me. Edith (my real name)

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