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Re: CFS-Why do I feel super when I have the flu?

I believe there is an blood test for lupus b/c my primary dr ordered it, and she told me that I did NOT have lupus. I do have FM and chronic fatigue. As for the flu, I feel like hell when I get it lol. I do not get it often, or if I get it not too bad b/c I do each year get my flu shot. I get my energy from lots of rest, no alcohol, medical mj sativa, which reminds me I need to go to my mj dispensary today.
My immune system is great, never hardly ever get sick, recover quick from everything. I do well with deep tissue massage, which I get religiously.
Hmm, try not to allow stress into my life is key for me. Education & support on FM boards and reading scientific articles has helped tremendously as well to calm my fears.