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Re: Scapulothoracic Osteoasteochondroma Advice?

Hi, I'm also a newbie to this site. I too have had an Osteochondroma on my right scapula. I recommend removing it. Im 34 and lived (suffered) with it since I was 10 or 12. I had it removed two days ago and oddly enough, even though I'm in pain, I feel relief at the same time. I was told by Dr.'s as a kid that no one would remove it unless it was found to be malignt. It was pinching muscle and putting my arm to sleep and getting caught frequently. I was having weak muscles and inflamed nerves because of it and I wish I had found my surgeon years ago. The surgery lasted about 2.5 hrs. The incision is covered in gauze so I haven't seen it but my surgeon said it was about 3 inches and its diagonal acrossed the edge of my scapula. It is painful and uncomfortable but to be honest, its not a whole lot worse than before surgery. As far as the cartilage cap, everything I've read about osteochondroma says that generally if the cartilage cap is thinner than 2-2.5 mm it is likely benign. Larger than that brings concern for malignancy. I see your post was written in May. I'm interested in how your doing and what you decided to do?