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HIV Anxiety and not sure


I had a sexual enxounter with no protection and we did anal - with a woman that is having an open relationship.
that was about 3-4 months ago

I started just to cough one day a dry cough and wen to the Dr. she put me on antibiotics Went back in 4 days and Dr indicate I had Brinchitis and put me on another Antibiotics course (KETEK)
My body start to experience a burningfeeling in my arms and legs.
Then I felt that my left arm is feeling if it is swolen under the arm pit ons not normal I cant really feel a swolen lumb or lymph there but that is like that now for 4 weeks ( feel it if I sit orl let my arm hang freely down)

Brochitis is mostly gone but stil have a dry cough during the day only now and then.

My tongue is burning sensation . I worried that I moght be infected with HIV.

I did a Rapid blood test a week ago that was Negative. but I stil worried
No fevwer though very tierd and have some night with night sweats.

Eish can someone read something about this Please Im going out of my head!!


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