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Re: I'm so DESPERATE! Possibly have Aspergers?

Thank you so very much for your answer.
I now know that after 9 1/2 years of dealing with this mans problems, that I can't "cure" him. It's only very recently (in the last 3 weeks) that I realized that his inability to live any kind of self sufficient, productive life is due to Aspergers and not to laziness or a bad attitude. I have always been puzzled by his inability to learn from his mistakes and failures, now I know why! And yes, he does have many of the behaviors, signs and symptoms that would indicate Asperger's.
I hesitate to cut him out of my life though because he has no one else.
All of his "friends" (and family) have dumped him because he is a drain on their time, energy and eventually, their resources; and yes, it is ALWAYS about him. Right now I am trying to get him plugged into the system, i.e.... getting him to Vocational Rehab, trying to get him officially diagnosed with Asperger's, and hopefully get him onto SSI so that he will have an income and some stability.
He has no money, job, savings, or an income of any kind, and no health insurance. He would be homeless if I hadn't taken him in.
Do you or do any of your readers know how to get this man help?
I need ideas and resources for getting him diagnosed and into the system.
Thank you again for your help!