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Re: Hi, i'm another newbie

Ur prob right about my PM, unfortunately I moved 5+ years ago and he was HIGHLY recommended by a few different PCP's. In the past I have tried injections (didn't work at all), fibromyalgia meds (helped a bit but made me have major muscle spasms that would cause me to drop things), muscle relaxers helped my tensing up from the pain, but didn't change my constant pain, can't do very much PT because i was born with a deformity in my spine that makes my bones brittle near my surgery site (apparently when I was operated on the ortho found that I had broken bones in my spine atleast twice since childhood that hadn't healed right as well as floating pieces of bones and an abnormal "fusion" between my l5-s1).
So I have tried many different treatments but unfortunately strong narcs were the only thing that truly helped. But ur def right, a new Dr that can try multiple ways to "attack" my pain is def a good idea.
I hope to be able to get in to see another dr in the new year. Until then I just have to hang in there I guess.
I really appreciate having someone to talk to who REALLY KNOWS what it's like, instead of just sympathizing. Thanks a lot, really.