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Re: debating to have lip biopsy... need advice, story and labs inside

I had the biopsy done about a month ago. I have most of the typical symptoms and while my ANA was negative, SSB came back slightly positive. Technically impossible, since SSB is a specific ANA, so the PA Rheumy decided the SSB was lab error. Luckily the regular Rheumy was willing to follow up with me and sure enough, the biopsy was positive.

I had absolutely no problems with the biopsy, other than a week of irritation and healing. No residual numbness and my lip feels exactly the same. I know some people have had negative experiences, but that's the case with any procedure, and those with problems will always be the loudest. I am sure, for the vast majority, it's a simple procedure that can answer a lot of questions.

I am really looking forward to finding the right medications to help control the disease. Good luck!