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Re: Chronic throat problems

I went back to the clinic... again, yesterday. I begged the doctor to give me something for the pain, and he relented and gave me a prescription for codeine. I took 2 30mg pills and felt absolutely no relief whatsoever. But exhaustion seemed to finally catch up with me and I slept last night. Not well... but some sleep is better than none.

So I've finally figured out how to get good photos of my throat...

The stuff I am spitting up:

The lump and rashy area on my palate:

My ****** up throat:

Note that I have a bifid uvula and that only one side seems to be ridiculously swollen.

Believe it or not, despite my throat looking like this, when I went to the clinic yesterday, the doctor looked at my throat and said "it looks pretty normal". Umm... what?! I am not crazy right?? This looks totally ****** up... right!?